About Us

FIRSTwnc strives to be the first place people with disabilities and their families go when they need support.

Our team has the knowledge and relationships to advocate effectively on your behalf. Whether it’s coordinating with government agencies, schools, or community partners, we can act as your loudspeaker, making sure you and your loved one are heard and fully supported.

Our Mission

Our mission is to help all people, especially those with disabilities, more fully participate in their community. We believe every individual with a disability can succeed. For this reason, we work tirelessly to arm families with the necessary knowledge and encouragement to make this a reality. We work directly with people with disabilities and their families to help them navigate complex systems and get the resources they need to thrive. Our specialized knowledge and perseverance help us move mountains and find solutions that other organizations can’t.

Our Purpose

We aim to empower people with disabilities or those who may be at risk with the tools they need to be better equipped to handle difficult situations and become more fully included in their community. By providing comprehensive support, we connect individuals to services and information that will help accommodate their participation in the community.

We Serve All Ages

FIRSTwnc provides resources and services to individuals no matter how old or where they are in their development.