Full Circle

Capacity Building Initiative

Connecting people with disabilities to a larger network of support.

Full Circle is a capacity-building initiative designed to mobilize Personal Support Networks (PSNs) for people with disabilities. Full Circle helps people expand their circles of connection and natural support in their communities, giving them more opportunities for meaningful and supportive relationships, more experiences, an overall sense of belonging, and a good, happy life.

Building Personal Support Networks

The Full Circle Program is an opportunity for people with disabilities, their families, and their caregivers to learn more about the values, principles, practices, and tools they will use to build and nurture PSNs.

PSNs are groups of people who are in a relationship with an individual and are committed to helping them attain their dreams and life goals. PSNs can serve as a bridge between the individual and active inclusion in the community.

They can serve in many roles based on what the individual wants and needs, such as:

  • Building lasting and valued friendships
  • Cultivating unique gifts and contributions
  • Being involved in the life of the community
  • Having supportive friends to depend on for help
  • Empowering personal choice and decision making
  • Dreaming and planning together
  • Securing and monitoring supports and services
  • Assisting with finding jobs and place to call home
  • Peace of mind for family members

From 2018-2021, participants were able to complete a self-paced online course, gained access to innovative tools and resources, engaged in one of two in-person learning forums, and received ongoing mentoring and support. Even though the funding for this project has ended, FIRSTwnc believes this work can make a massive difference in the quality of life for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

Interested in similar training for your group? Email us at fullcircle@firstwnc.org for more information.

Program Participants

Full Circle Resources and Tools

  • Full Circle Planning Guide for Community Connectors
  • Full Circle Information for Families and Friends
  • Full Circle: Planning for a Good Life
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