Innovation Waiver Services

Meeting the Needs for Long-Term Care Services

Connecting families with home and community-based services.

The NC Innovations Waiver is a federally approved 1915 C Medicaid Home and Community-Based Services Waiver designed to meet the needs of individuals with intellectual or developmental disabilities (IDD) who prefer to get long-term care services and support in their home or community, rather than in an institutional setting. As a Vaya Health and Partners Health Management provider, FIRSTwnc can provide our services through this waiver or private pay.

As a provider for Partners Behavioral Health and Vaya Health, FIRSTwnc can provide our services through the Innovations Waiver or private pay. FIRSTwnc is a boutique provider credentialed to provide the full array of Innovation but only focus on specific services such as:

FIRSTwnc has been accredited by the Council on Quality and Leadership since 2016 at the Basic Assurances Level.

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