Training and Support

Connecting the dots for self-direction.

Innovation Waiver participants and their family members curious about the self-direction model of waiver service delivery can learn from FIRSTwnc. Many of our staff are Employers of Record (EORs) and were among the first group trained to be EORs when the service was approved in 2014.

 Empowering Self Direction for All

Self-Direction gives individuals with intellectual or developmental disabilities (and the people who help them) the ability to decide on a mix of supports and services that work best for their needs. The EOR model allows the participant or the legally responsible person to exercise authority over staff and assume all other responsibilities associated with participant-direction of services. This includes determining rates of pay and opportunity for benefits.

FIRSTwnc designed the EOR Training Program with busy adult learners in mind. You can complete the entire program over three months, with 3-4 modules taken each month. These modules are self-directed learning activities with the essential concepts indicated by the assessment questions.

The goal of each unit is to guide you in learning how to search for information, provide practice in problem-solving, and identify topics where you need more specific support. That skill set is critical to being an effective EOR. After you complete the training modules, you will attend an in-person meeting to review the assessment and answer questions. You must pass all assessments to complete the EOR training. If you do not finish the training, you may still be able to self-direct your family member’s services with the support of a representative.

After you complete your EOR training, FIRSTwnc will continue to be available for ongoing support as your community navigator agency. Like all providers, you will have monthly, quarterly, and yearly documentation and reports to fill out. Many of the FIRSTwnc staff are EORs and understand these requirements. FIRSTwnc’s EOR team offers technical support and an up-to-date resource library with material, training, and forms to run your one-person provider agency.

We look forward to working with you as your provider network support!

FIRSTwnc offers this training for members in the Partners or Vaya Health catchment area. You must contact your care coordinator or complex care manager to register for this training. If you have questions, contact our office or email

Self-Direction/EOR Resources 

For those EORs who have already working with our Community Navigators, log into our portal to see more resources, worksheets, and videos.