Specialized Consultative Services

Connecting families with personalized behavioral outcome plans and interventions.

With the FIRSTwnc’s Specialized Consultative Services, family members and support staff who care for individuals with developmental disabilities are provided with personalized behavioral outcome plans and well-designed interventions.

Support for an Integrated Approach

Increasing independence with integrated and strategic planning

FIRSTwnc’s SCS* provides training and technical assistance to the families and support staff caring for people with disabilities. Our team of licensed professionals considers the whole person in their approach to increasing independence.

A dedicated team is assigned to each person and collaborates with families and other involved community organizations to formulate integrated approaches based on a spectrum of assessments. This results in a more complete picture of the person and informs the best strategy for their positive outcome plan. Focusing on personalized interventions is crucial to each person’s achievement, as no two people or situations are alike.

FIRST uses an interdisciplinary approach to provide a whole person assessment which ensures all possible positive supports are implemented with the anticipated outcome of improved quality of life and staff/caregiver competency.

  • Licensed Mental Health Clinicians
  • Behavior Specialists– BCBA
  • Licensed Recreation Specialists
  • Licensed Nutrition Specialists
  • Licensed Occupational Therapists
  • Licensed Speech Therapists

Upon completion of the customized plan or recommendations, our specialists train families and staff to implement and maintain it. Providing consistency ensures a life that will include design strategies and interventions to support a more satisfying life for everyone.

SCS may include the following:

  • A detailed plan with data collection for caregivers to implement,
  • Mental health training and recommendations for caregivers to implement to reduce and stabilize mental health symptoms,
  • Dietary recommendations,
  • Communication system recommendations and training for caregivers,
  • Development of social narratives
  • Development of visual systems,
  • Environmental recommendations,
  • Occupational Therapy recommendations related to Activities of Daily Living (ADLs)

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SCS Resources and Tools

*The Innovations Waiver can cover this service. FIRSTwnc also offers this service as private pay. Please complete a referral, and we can discuss all the options.