Jenny Lopez Guy

Position: Outpatient Therapist

Jenny is a bilingual therapist with more than two decades of experience as an advocate and therapist for immigrant survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault. Jenny has worked as a Clinical Supervisor for the United States Committee of Refugees and Immigrants – USCRI, and before her work at USCRI, she was serving as the Immigrant Outreach Program Director in Western North Carolina. In her native country Colombia, she had also served as a leader for different child abuse and violence prevention programs.

Jenny holds an MSW with concentration in bilingual mental health and migration studies from Loyola University Chicago, a master’s degree in Family Violence Intervention from University of Barcelona in Spain and a B.S. in Psychology from Universidad de La Sabana in Colombia. Jenny also holds a certificate on trauma and recovery from Harvard Medical School. Jenny is an AAUW awardee and has been recognized as a Red Cross Community Hero for her work with the immigrant community.

Jenny is a LCSWA in North Carolina and is trained in EMDR, TBRI (Trusted Based Relationship Intervention), Circle of Security Parenting, PCIT, TF-CBT, Ethno-Racial Trauma (HEART), and other trauma informed play therapy interventions.

In her free time, Jenny enjoys spending time building Legos with her two boys and watching movies with her husband and two dogs.